Holiday Date Ideas

17 Holiday Themed Date Ideas

Back in my single days, Christmas time always made me wish I had someone special in my life. It’s such a romantic season. You get to cuddle up by the fire and sip on your favorite hot drink, and you have someone to binge watch all your favorite Christmas movies with. It really is a magical time of year! In honor of this magical and romantic time a year, I put together a list of date ideas.

  1. Go to a tree farm and pick out the perfect Christmas tree together.
  2. Make a day out of decorating the tree and putting up all the other decorations. Complete with Christmas candles, hot drinks, and loud Christmas music to get you in the spirit.
  3. Plan a ski trip and get cozy in the chalet.
  4. Have a night in, in front of the fire in your most cozy Christmas PJ’s.. again with some hot drinks and Christmas music.
  5. Binge watch all your favorite Christmas movies, and discover some new ones.
  6. Donate items or volunteer your time at your favorite charity.
  7. Have a day (or week, or month, or year, or lifetime 😛 ) of good deeds. Go out and try to fill other people with joy and cheer.
  8. Play the who game. This may not be for everyone, but my husband and I have made it tradition. We get some Christmas themed craft beers, and watch The Grinch, and take a sip every time they say Who. (Small sips, so we don’t over do it).
  9. Go ice skating outside.
  10. Get some hot chocolate from Starbucks (because theirs is amazing) and walk around and look at the Christmas lights.
  11. Make a gingerbread house together. Or make two, and make it a contest.
  12. Decorate Christmas cookies together (can also be made into a contest).
  13. Find a fun Christmas market or festival.
  14. Go to a Christmas concert r play. There’s always plenty around the holiday season.
  15. Make your own ornament together, and make it a yearly tradition.
  16. Set aside a day for just the two of you. This one is my favorite. We’re so busy around Christmas, visiting my family and my in-laws. So we take one day to ourselves and wake up to a delicious breakfast in the crock pot, make a special meal for dinner, have some of our favorite drinks, watch Christmas movies, and exchange gifts.
  17. Go on a mistletoe hunt. See how many places you can kiss under the mistletoe.

What are you favorite date ideas and traditions with your special someone?


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