8 Products for the Beauty and Fashion Obsessed Traveler


I’m guilty as charged. I’m beauty and fashion obsessed and I’m a traveler. I’ve been known to wag around tote sized bagw of make up, a separate tote sized bag of skin care. Not even including hair products, curling irons, straighteners, yada yada yada. Because you never know when you’re going to be out on the streets of Mexico wishing you had that bright blue eye shadow that you got in your ipsy bag last year, right?…..right? No. I’ve learned my lesson. I take what I’m most likely to use. Not my top 25 favorite lipsticks, and 12 facial masks to anticipate how my skin might react to the climate change. However, some things, this girl just can’t go without. This list will keep you looking beautiful and organized from Rio to Reykjavik.


Lighted magnified travel mirror $49.99

I haven’t gotten this excited about a product in a long time. I used to actually take my full sized big lighted magnified mirror with me on trips, but it added so much weight to my suit case. The lighting in hotel rooms in usually less than satisfactory, so I think this is very necessary and an absolute genius product.

Gimme Bundle Brush with storage $6.98

Pet peeve solved. I always hated the loose hair ties of different size and clips and bobby pins floating around the bottom of whatever bag I threw them in. So the next time you get your beach braid just right, you’ll know exactly where your bobby pins and elastics are.

Conair Cordless Curling Iron $19.99
I used to use a cordless curling ALL THE TIME. Back in my cheerleading days, I would use it in the car after practice before I went to whatever I had planned in the evening. It will come in super handy in you need to touch up in flight just before landing. They also make straighteners.

Urban Decay Naked on the Run $54.00
I’m going to need this in my life. My shoulder will thank me. My purse is starting to get a little too heavy because I’m paranoid about getting trapped at the airport overnight without my luggage, so I want to have everything in my purse. With this palette, I can’t image you’d need much more than some foundation and powder and you’ve got everything you need!

Personalized Little Book of Earrings $45.24
Again.. organization is everything. This is a perfect solution for keeping your beloved accessories together.

World’s Smallest Traveling Steam Iron $29.95
What good is that adorable little slinky dress if it got wrecked in your luggage? Keep this with you to iron out wrinkles on the go.


Curling and Flat Iron Cover $14.99

This will save you from that annoying moment when you realize that you need to be packing up and heading to the airport but you need to take your curling iron and it’s still hot.

Air Repair Skin Care
Designed specifically for air travel, this set includes moisturizer, eye cream, cleansing milk, facial mist, and all purpose salve/lip balm, and it meets tsa guidelines so you can have it in your carry on. It’s designed to keep your skin fresh and radiant before, during and after take off.

Stay beautiful on your next trip and let me know in the comments below what your favorite traveling beauty and fashion products are!


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